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Chapter 9: Advertising, Promotion, and Sales


Activity: Analyse Advertising Spending

Marketers usually have a budget for spending on their total marketing mix. They have to decide how much to spend on advertising and which media to use. In this activity, you will investigate the advertising spending of the top North American advertisers and the amount of money that each spent last year.

  1. Who do you think the top five national advertisers in North America were last year? Take a guess and list their names down the left side of your page. Beside each of the companies you have listed, indicate which two of the following you think they would have spent the most on: magazines, newspapers, television, radio, out-of-home, the Internet, and specialty advertising.

  2. Now visit and find out how well you did. How many of the top five companies were on your list? Check the amount spent on each of the media for the companies on your list. If you guessed television as the highest amount, you were probably correct. Were there any surprises? Were there companies that you expected, but didn't see?

  3. Which companies in the top five increased their expenditures on advertising in 2001 over 2000 figures? Which companies reduced their expenditures? Where did your favourite company place?

  4. Focusing on the top five national advertisers, figure out percentages and create pie charts for three of the companies. Each chart should show the percentage of the total "Measured Media" amount the company spent on the various media. Use spreadsheet or graphing software to complete this task.

  5. Write a summary paragraph that states your findings. Include the most popular media and why. What media is not used as much as you anticipated? Why?