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Chapter 9: Advertising, Promotion, and Sales


Activity: Analyse an Advertisement

Advertising is a form of communication. To use it effectively, a marketer must have a goal or goals for the advertisement. In this activity, you will examine an advertisement from a current advertising campaign at the McDonald's Web site. Then you, as a representative of an advertising agency, will create an additional advertisement using a different medium.

  1. Visit the Web site of McDonald's Canada. View one of the company's advertisements for a new product. Study the advertisement carefully. Does it help the company satisfy its goals? Did you get the message? What is the message? Discuss your findings with a partner.

  2. To help you make a more thorough assessment, use the analysis sheet below. You may need to study the advertisement again to get answers to some of the questions. Click here to download this organizer.


McDonald's Lighter Choices Menu

What is/are the goal(s) of this advertisement?

  • brand awareness
  • brand trial
  • brand preference
  • brand reminder
  • brand repositioning

Do a SWOT analysis of the advertisement:

  • strengths
  • weaknesses
  • opportunities
  • threats

Message/The Big Idea





Unique Selling Position (USP)





The Appeal

  • biological
  • emotional
  • rational
  • social

  1. Now that you have done this analysis, do you think that this advertisement has achieved the goals and expectations of the company? Try to reach a consensus in a small group of four students.

  2. Now it's your turn to be creative. Assume you are the layout artist and copywriter at the advertising agency that has the McDonald's account. The vice-president of marketing for McDonald's has asked you to develop a billboard that will run in conjunction with the current advertising campaign. You can draw the billboard yourself or use draw software and clipart if this is available to you. You are responsible for both graphics and copy for the billboard.