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Chapter 8: Distribution and Logistics


Activity: Research Channels of Distribution for Farm Products

How do all those fresh fruit and vegetable items get from the farmer to your dinner table? In the past, producers and consumers would get together at a farmers' market. Today, the majority of consumers buy produce from large supermarkets. In this activity, you will find out about the distribution channels for "farm fresh" products in your area.

  1. Visit the Farmers' Market Ontario Web site and locate a farmers' market in your area. What are its hours of operation? How many vendors does it have? Could this channel of distribution fill all the needs of your family for fresh produce?

  2. An example of a larger farmers' market is the Kitchener Farmers' Market. Visit their Web site to learn about this market. How long has it been in operation? When does it operate? What kind of produce does it specialize in?

  3. How does fresh produce that is not in season or is not grown in Canada find its way to your refrigerator? Visit the Ontario Food Terminal Board to find out more about one of the largest wholesale operations in North America. Draw and label a flowchart to illustrate the flow of produce through the terminal. Add notes on the following topics: lease holders/tenants, available space, types of produce available, transportation/truckers, and buyers.

  4. Write a summary paragraph on the importance of local farmers' markets and the Ontario Food Terminal in supplying consumers with fresh produce.