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Chapter 7: Pricing


Activity: Investigate How Marketing Boards Promote Their Products

The Canadian Egg Marketing Agency (CEMA) provides consumers with the best eggs at the most reasonable price, while making sure that egg producers get fair returns on labour and investment. In this activity, you will look at egg marketing board Web sites and complete a worksheet on the types of activities these egg marketing boards use to promote the benefits of eggs and egg use.

  1. >Visit the Web sites of the Canadian Egg Marketing Agency and Ontario Egg Producers. Follow the links at these two sites to find out about the marketing boards' promotional activities. Draw up a list of the promotional activities. Then, for each promotional activity on your list, describe how it promotes the benefits of eggs and how it would be likely to influence consumers to buy eggs.

  2. Answer the following questions on a sheet of paper, giving at least one reason for each of your responses. When you are finished, discuss your answers with a partner.

    • Do you feel the playground activities on the CEMA site will encourage children to eat eggs and help to capture them as life-long consumers?

    • Do you think the prizes offered at both sites will encourage consumers to visit the site and thus promote the benefits of eating eggs?

    • Do you think the fact that recipes are offered at both sites is a good idea?

    • Which slogan do you think is the most effective in creating top of the mind awareness and will remind consumers or gatekeepers to buy eggs when shopping?

    • In your opinion, which site that you visited is the most effective in promoting the benefits and use of eggs?