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Chapter 7: Pricing


Activity: Research the Competition Act and Competition Bureau

The purpose of the Competition Act is to prevent fraudulent practices and to maintain fair competition in the market place. The Competition Bureau is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act.

In this activity, you will prepare a presentation on deceptive pricing policies.

  1. Visit the Competition Bureau Web site and click on the Confidentiality, Fairness, Predictability, Timeliness, and Transparency links to learn more about the operating principles of the Bureau. Then click on "Latest Headlines" to find out about current issues related to this organization.

  2. Work with a partner to visit the Government of Canada "2001 Multi-level Marketing & The Competition Act" Web site of the Competition Bureau and view a multimedia slide presentation designed to familiarize businesses and consumers with the rules and regulations relating to multi-level marketing and pyramid selling.

  3. With your partner, view the Government of Canada's "Misleading Advertising Guidelines". Go to the table of contents and click on "Representations as to Price." Read through the section carefully. Then, using presentation software, design a multimedia slide presentation of approximately five slides/frames on the topic of "Misleading Price Representation."

  4. Present your multimedia presentation to small groups gathered at one computer station, or to the whole class if the proper projection equipment is available.