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Chapter 6: Positioning and Branding


Activity: Work Towards a Cleaner Environment

Packaging is one of the most powerful sales tools a marketer has. Packaging is the final step between the store shelf and the consumer's hands. In this activity, you will examine ways in which producers, consumers, and government could work together to protect both the consumer and the environment.

  1. Are you doing your part to improve your environment? Go to the Pitch-In Canada Web site and print a copy of the "Personal Package Audit Form." Complete this survey for at least one product that you have used on each of the past seven days. Do you see ways in which you, as a consumer, could personally make a difference to our environment in your choice of products? Share your findings with a small group.

  2. Go to the Web site of Environment Canada and create a list of 10 ways you can become a better "environmental citizen." How did you rate as an environmental citizen?

  3. Is industry doing its part? One company that has reduced its packaging is Hewlett-Packard. This company is sharing its experience and knowledge on its own Web site. Read Section 3 of the company's report and determine five ways in which a company can reduce the amount of packaging it uses.

  4. You and a partner will prepare for the following informal debate topic: "Be it resolved that business and consumers should be doing more to eliminate wasteful and environmentally harmful packaging." Use a sheet of paper divided in half and list the pros on one side of the page and the cons on the other. You and your partner must each present one side of the debate.