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Chapter 6: Positioning and Branding


Activity: Design an Effective Logo

Logos are powerful marketing tools in creating top of the mind brand identity. They are the most visible form of a company's brand identity. In this activity, you will examine professionally designed logos to see how they help identify a brand or company and then design a logo of your own.

  1. Look around your classroom. How many of your classmates are wearing clothing with a clearly marked logo? Why do you think they are wearing this brand of clothing?

  2. On a sheet of paper, sketch the logo of your favourite professional sports team. Can you remember what it looks like? Visit the Web site and see if you got it right. What type of logo is it? How do you think the logo creates identity for the team?

  3. Browse the following Web sites, and decide which company's logo you think is the best. Discuss your choice with a partner.
  4. Now that you have had the opportunity to examine professionally designed logos, it is your turn. Using clip art and graphics software (or paper and coloured pencils or pens), design a logo that will establish a clear brand identity for the product or service in your marketing plan. Remember you are creating a visual image for your company and product or service.