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Chapter 5: Product Development


Activity: Research Canadian Inventions and Inventors

Canadians have patented more than one million inventions over time, but according to a National Science Literacy Survey, two-thirds of Canadians aren't able to identify one Canadian inventor. In this activity, you will learn about some important Canadian inventions and how they have impacted on our lives and the lives of others around the world.

  1. How many Canadian inventors can you identify? Make a list of all the inventors you can think of on a piece of paper. Did you do better than two-thirds of Canadians?

  2. Visit the following Web sites: Complete a Canadian Invention Fact Sheet for three inventions, listing the invention, the year it was invented, the name of the inventor, and a brief description in point form. Also describe the impact of the invention on people's lives. To maximize the amount of information you can obtain on each invention, click on the inventions that are highlighted at the Web sites, indicating a hyperlink to another site that provides more detailed information.

  3. Compare your list to that of a partner in your class. Discuss the inventions that you have in common and share any new information.

  4. Now work with your partner to select one invention that you both feel had a significant impact on society or on business. Since most inventors only invent and do not actually produce and market the inventions, you and your partner will prepare a role-play that portrays an inventor selling his or her idea to a potential producer and marketer. Make your role-play about three to four minutes long. Be sure to bring out the significance of the invention. For example, you should describe the invention, the process used to produce it, and the benefits it will have for society. You and your partner may wish to go back to the Web sites above to obtain more information or use a search engine and the name of your invention to locate Web sites with additional facts.