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Chapter 4: Marketing Research


Activity: Use the Internet to Obtain Secondary Research Data

The Internet is a source for secondary research information that has been collected and published by research companies, organizations, and governments. In this activity, you will examine one government Web site looking for information for a marketer of a small or medium-sized company that produces ice cream; the marketer wants to export ice cream to a foreign country.

  1. You are a marketer for the Coast Mountain Dairy of Chilliwack, British Columbia. Your company wants to market its "Mountain Pride Ice Cream," which comes in over 30 flavours, and its "Arctic Star" Juice Bars and Twin Pops in the Asian-Pacific marketplace. This marketplace has been selected because of its proximity to British Columbia. Because market research is expensive, you have decided to use the Web site of the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to collect secondary research data.

    The country you have selected is the Philippines. Locate "Fact Sheet-Philippines June 2001" from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.

    Complete a fact sheet on the Philippines in which you include data on:
    • Population
    • Size
    • GDP Growth Rate
    • Inflation
    • Unemployment
    • Major Exports to the Philippines by Canada
    • Major Sectors of Opportunity

  2. Now it is time to research the product (ice cream) you are interested in exporting to this country. Go to the just-food website and read the points listed. Divide a sheet of paper with a vertical line and list the pros or advantages of exporting ice cream to the Philippines on the left and the cons or disadvantages of exporting on the right.

  3. When you have finished listing the pros and cons of shipping your product to the Philippines, work with a partner to combine all your arguments for both sides. You can now add information from your "Fact Sheet" as well. In groups of four, reach a consensus on the feasibility of exporting ice cream to the Philippines. Each group will present their decision and reasons for their conclusion to the class.