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Chapter 3: The Competitive Market


Activity: Research International Markets

Before a company can consider entering any market, domestic or international, it must find out details of its market. In this activity, you will play the role of a brand manager or a marketing manager for a producer of mobile cellular phones interested in entering an international market.

  1. Working with a partner, review the list of countries at the World Factbook Web site (produced by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency). Select three countries that you think might be a suitable market for cell phones before you start your research.

  2. Prepare a fact sheet for each of your three selected countries. Click on the "country listing" link and record the necessary information in point form. For example, you might collect the following data:

    • People: population, age structure of population, population growth statistics, ethnic groups, languages, and literacy rates
    • Economy: population below poverty line, labour force by occupation, unemployment rate
    • Communication: telephones-mobile cellular, telephone system-general assessment

    You may wish to add additional information that you feel would be important to a company that wants to enter this international market.
  1. Decide which country would be the best market for cell phones. Then work with your partner to develop a three to five minute role play in which one partner is the brand manager, and the other is the marketing manager. The brand manager must be able to present convincing arguments about why this country was selected as the most suitable market. The marketing manager must ask appropriate questions to solicit the necessary responses from the brand manager.