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Chapter 2: The Consumer


Activity: Identify Fads and Trends

What were the fads of the 1990s? What were the trends? As a marketer of a product, you must decide if a product is a fad or a trend.

To test your fellow students' memory of the fads and trends of the 1990s, create a trivia quiz from information at the Yesterdayland Web site, which is dedicated to the fads and trends of popular culture in the 20th century.

Set up your quiz as in the example given below, leaving space for students to respond to your question, give their opinion on whether it was a fad or a trend, and comment on the life cycle of the product.


Trivia Questions
Fad or Trend
Comment on Product Life Cycle
1. How many words did Furby have in his vocabulary, and how many phrases could he create? 200 Furbish and English words, which could be used to make up to 800 phrases Fad Furbies were a hit with young children when they first came out in 1998, but they have since become much less popular.
2. What company introduced Beanie Babies and in what year? introduced by toy inventor Ty Warner in 1993 Trend Beanie Babies have become collectibles. They have stayed in the market longer than most toys that seemed to be fads when they started out.
3. Name all the members of the Simpson family. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Trend The Simpsons have been around since January, 1990. The show is the longest running prime time cartoon show on television. The show's marketers have developed Simpsons' clothing, games, and posters.