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Chapter 1: What is Marketing?


Activity: Examine the Marketing Mix

As a product or account manager of a major corporation, you will need to evaluate and re-evaluate your marketing mix: product, promotion, pricing, and place. This activity gives you the opportunity to examine the marketing mix of Coca Cola and Pepsi-Cola which are the two major players in the soft drink market.

  1. Visit the following Web sites and compare the marketing mix for two of the largest producers of soft drinks, Coca Cola and Pepsi-Cola.

  2. Complete an organizer, like the one below, for each company.

The Marketing Mix

Name of the Company: ________________________________

Product Mix  
Promotion Mix  
Price Mix  
Placement Mix  


Tips for completing the organizer:

  • Under product mix examine the number of brands each company produces. Do these products fill all the needs of the consumer? Is either company launching any new products? Do you think they be successful?
  • The promotion mix of each company will be extensive. Examine new advertisements, sales promotions, and celebrities used by each. Which promotion mix do you think is more effective?
  • Place mix involves brand identification and distribution worldwide.
  • Price mix should include the cost of developing new products, bottling, and distribution.
  1. Write a summary paragraph in which you give your opinion on the company that has the best marketing mix. Include at least three arguments to support your opinion.