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Chapter 1: What is Marketing?


Activity: Analyse Nonprofit Marketing Activities

Although nonprofit organizations do not exist to make a profit, they still need to use marketing activities in order to be successful. In this activity, you will investigate nonprofit organizations to learn about their marketing activities.

  1. Review the Marketing Activities section on pages 16 and 17 of your Student Book.

  2. Work with other students in a small group to decide which of these marketing activities would be used by marketers of a nonprofit organization. Discuss ways that these activities could be used effectively at a Web site.

  3. Visit the Web site of any two of the following nonprofit organizations:

  4. Create an organizer (similar to the following) to indicate the name of the nonprofit organization, to identify the marketing activities that have been used, to describe each briefly, and to give it a rating for effectiveness (V-very effective, S-somewhat effective, N-not effective).

Marketing Activities of Nonprofit Organizations

Name of Nonprofit Organization: __________________________

Marketing Activity
 Brief Description of Marketing Activity
Your Rating
(V S N)


  1. Meet together with other members of your group to decide which charity you think has made the most effective use of marketing activities.